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Does not update on Watch

Useless on Apple watch. No response from developer. Please fix.

Total waste

Does not work at all on Apple Watch. Displayed only 5 of 8 sun times (rise/set/twilight), then hasn't changed in 3 days. Brain dead useless app for Apple Watch.




Thank you for your efforts, but this App was better when has the name of SunClock, and if you can add some of the current features to the previous ones in your coming update, it will be awesome App. One of the previous excellent features was when we press over any city on the map it will show Sunrise and with second press it will show Sunset over that point. Can you regain this this features together with Moonrise and Moonset, to add also NEW MOON DATE and TIME. Thank you very much In your latest update Jun 17, 2017 version 3.5 this App crashed from the beginning in iPhone 5 & iPad, and never open, so I was unable to check if you add NEW MOON DATE and TIME in my previous review. Will you solved this problem in the forthcoming update Thanks Thank you for latest update 3.6.1 on Jun 18, 2017 as This App is working well, but can you add NEW MOON DATE and TIME in you next Update. Best regards.

Won't open to your location

Appearance of Chinese letters and failure to launch to your location or appear in Settings make this app a big fail.


Unable to shift time by scrolling, it doesn't save last location

Love It!

Great app. Love to see it being updated for iOS 9 and hope to see continued development. Would gladly pay IAP to remove ads. Very useful app. Great update for automatic time zone handling.

Exactly what I was looking for

This is simple, easy to use and exactly what I was looking for. Gives nautical and civilian, sunrise and sunset times. I wish there was a paid version to remove ads otherwise perfect.


Just downloaded this and I really like it. I like the fact that you can go to any location on the planet, as well as choose the date. Didn't give it five stars for a few reasons. One, too new to me to judge completely. Two, no city search feature. Three, I'm not certain it adjusts for daylight savings time. It put me in the Mountain time zone (UTC-7), but I'm not. I'm in Pacific (UTC - 8). Unless that was how it adjusted since it got the times right. If so, that's a little odd. But this will come in handy as a point of inquiry for my 6th grade earth science class!

Great app

Super convenient


I like it!

not good

slow and bad user interface. you cannot enter a city name directly.

Easy to use, accurAte to the inch, helpful,useful Sun toolset

Very handy app!

Very good

Gives sunrise, sunset and twilight times for the current location or a location chosen from a map. You can use the current date, or any date you choose. Twilight times are civil, nautical and astronomical twilight. The time zone can also be specified. The default location is in the center of the USA, you need to tap the locate tab to find your current location times. This is a complete set of sunrise - sunset information, well done.

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